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  • W01 Water Flosser
  • W01 Water Flosser
  • W01 Water Flosser
W01 Water FlosserW01 Water FlosserW01 Water Flosser

W01 Water Flosser

  • 5 working modes
  • water pulse1600 times/min
  • water pressure 40-140PSI
  • water tank capacity 230ML
  • Product description: W01 Portable Water Flosser

W01 Portable Water Flosser

*5 working modes:Low,Soft,High,L-pulse,H-pulse
*Water pulse:1600 times/min
*Water pressure:40-140PSI
*Water tank capacity:230ML
*Battery type:2000mAh Li-ion battery
*Charging method: 3H Type-C charging
*Battery life:30 days
*Waterproof level:IPX7
*Adapter output:5.0V,1.0A ( (wall adaptor not included)
*Standard color:white color,customized color MOQ 2K
*Accessories list:body*1,normal tip*2,periodontal tip*1,
 ortodontics tip*1,Type-C cabel*1,
  manual*1,gift box*1



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